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Our students are a key part of the TBI Network. We believe in supporting students to achieve academically, as well as supporting their wider career development goals.

Interested in studying with us?

We can support research activities alongside clinical papers (Honours, MHSc) or as a research only degree (MPhil or PhD).

We welcome enquiries from anyone with an interest in postgraduate study in the area of brain injury and concussion – and especially those with an interest in:

  • Brain injury in vulnerable groups
  • Social aspects of brain injury
  • Brain injury in older adults
  • Non-pharmacological interventions to support recovery from brain injury
  • Use of assessment tools in brain injury

Students studying TBI at other institutions

We can also support students studying TBI at other institutions by helping to profile their work, connecting them in with other researchers in the field and assisting with recruitment.

Current student research at the TBI Network

These current projects by some of our students give an idea of the scope of research going on at the TBI Network:

  • Josh McGeown (PhD): Optimisation of mTBI symptom assessment and rehabilitation strategies
  • Nat Hardaker (PhD): The impact of the female athlete’s sex hormones on sports-related mTBI
  • Renata Gottgtroy (PhD): Artificial Intelligence use for predicting brain health
  • Paul Goodman (PhD): Rehabilitation from concussion using strength and conditioning practitioners
  • Lena Kemp (Honours in Psychology) What are the psychosocial influences on recovery from injury for Māori?
  • Charlotte Bray (Honours in Psychology) Psychometric testing of the Brain Injury Screening Tool (BIST)

Past students

We enjoy seeing so many of our past students go on to some exciting careers, and we're pleased to continue to work with many of our students, even after their studies are completed.

These students have completed their studies with us at AUT:

  • Jules Lough (MHSc) Awareness of concussion in children engaged in Equestrian Activities
  • Maureen O’Reilly (Hons) Awareness and health care seeking post-concussion in cyclists
  • Nusratnaaz Shaikh (PhD) Measuring community integration following TBI
  • Anna Keyter (MHSc) Symptom validity reporting after mild TBI
  • Tracey Mitchell (PhD) Understanding and managing TBI in an adult male correctional facility

What our students say

Here’s what some of our students have to say:

Renata, 2020:

"Working with the TBI-N has been such an amazing experience. I have had the opportunity to work alongside various companies, experts, and community organisations. This environment is a catalyst for the development of great ideas, projects and knowledge. The sense of community and support for new TBI research and community based action is evident and extremely motivating."

Jules, 2019:

"Working with Alice has been a pleasure and a privilege. The experience that Alice has, alongside her enthusiasm and dedication to help students, created a unique opportunity for me to complete my thesis alongside a network of professionals within the TBI field."

Maureen, 2019:

"The network linked me into a research assistant position where I continue to be supported and mentored, and I'm now enrolled in the AUT Rehabilitation Psychology Masters programme. I'm encouraged to challenge myself academically in a supportive environment and invigorated to be part of projects that aim to improve the lives of individuals who sustain a concussion/mild TBI."

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Alice Theadom
Phone: +64 9 921 9999 x7805